1. On Friday 6th of June, in this latitude also known as Swedish national day, I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Caro, Jocke and Sigge. We made a little excursion to Stora Amundö , an island outside of Göteborg. There we where welcomed by a nosy horse which almost ate my reflector and Sigges Buggy. When it realized that neither of them is tasty, it got friends with Jocke and followed him for a while. After we got rid of the horse a beautiful old oak tree invited us to make a break … What a nice morning. Thank You ♥
  2. I am very excited to tell you about my new Project ”The Face of Motherhood”. In Cooperation with The M Society Gothenburgs finest guide for Mom’s and Mom’s-to-be, I am portraying these beautiful women, Mothers, in the streets of this lovely city. Here is a sneak peak of the shooting with Lauren and her little son Liam in the streets of Haga.

  3. Mankind, Berlin 12/2013

  4. UC The Black Angels live @ Lido, Berlin 03.07.2013

  5. UC The Black Angels live @ Lido, Berlin 03.07.2013

  6. - Sperrgebiet -

    by Ulrike Chemnitz, 2012


  7. Phalaenopsis Orchidaceae